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Join us in May for WBEZ Chicago’s inaugural WBEZ 91.5K. During this virtual neighborhood 5k Chicagoland residents will have an opportunity to get active and learn more about the communities that make up our great region. 


Experience Chicago’s dynamic neighborhoods as you choose your own adventure and create your own route-inspired by a Curious City story. Curious City dove into the archives to find some amazing stories and paired them with areas for runners  to explore. 


Whether you’re a runner, walker or jogger we invite you to join other Chicagoland residents with inquisitive minds on a journey of discovery and curiosity alongside your favorite public radio journalists and personalities. All ages, paces and faces are welcome so lace up your shoes and traverse the city with us, one 5K at a time!


1) Register for the virtual race.

2) Join our race Facebook Group or visit the blog to interact with other participants and compete in challenges.

3) In May: create a 5K route based off of a neighborhood and related Curious City story.

4) Bring your curiosity as you run the 5K and let us know how it went and what you learned in the Facebook Group and blog.


This year's race is completely virtual. Participants are able to create their own route based around a Curious City Story.


We are excited to provide our walkers/runners with amazing swag including a race T-shirt, Curious City/WBEZ branded items, sponsor items and much more. Swag items will be mailed.

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Each week during the month of May we will have a challenge that participants can take part in. Winners of the challenges will receive shout outs and be featured on the 5K website.


Since this is a virtual race, there will not be no official photos for the event. We do invite you to take photos of your route and tag #WBEZ915K


We are partnering with race management company Enmotive to manage this race. Enmotive times over a million participants every year, including the second largest race in the United States and the third largest race in Mexico. Enmotive handles every type of race including running, cycling, triathlons, trail runs, and more.

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